The Leadership Roundtable.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit at the table with today’s top leadership experts?  The Leadership Roundtable takes you on a journey with today’s top leaders to explore challenges that are relevant to you.  Subscribe or Listen in below and join our conversation.

Episode 017:

COVID19: 9 Ways for the Church to Respond to Coronavirus

Join the conversation as we discuss 9 ways that pastors and leaders can respond, and scenario plan for how social distancing effect our churches. 

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Episode 016:

Reaching the Next Generation with Dr. Eric Mason

Special Guest: Dr. Eric Mason.  Join us we discuss reaching our communities and reaching the next generation.  We’ll explore the challenges faced with reaching Millennials and Gen Z.


Episode 015:

Managing the Future

Join in as we discuss the importance of leaders forecasting the future.  We’ll talk about evaluating culture, the importance of engagement, and a strategy for future focused initiatives.



Episode 014:

Evaluating the Past & Planning for the Future

Join in as we discuss our Quarterly Evaluation System.  We’ll discuss the 7 Cycles of a Church, our Strategic Evaluation Tool, and the 10 Metrics to Measure Church Health.


Episode 013:

From the Second Chair to the First Chair with Dr. Jackie Thompson


Episode 012:

5 Leadership Lessons from the International Justice Mission

Episode 011: Leadership & Forgiveness

Special Guest: Bruce & Toni Hebel.  Join in as we discuss the power of forgiveness… how unforgiveness can torment us and how forgiveness can set us free.  We will discuss biblical protocols for forgiveness and how to apply them.

Episode 010: Leadership Transitions After a Moral Failure

Special Guest: Pastor Bryan Loritts.  Join in as we discuss Leadership Transitions and rebuilding a church after a moral failure.  We’ll discuss principles that can apply to any major leadership transition.

Episode 009: Defending Your Marriage

Special Guest: Dr. Tim Muehlhoff.  Join in as we discuss the reality of spiritual battle in our marriages.  We’ll discuss 5 ways to know you might be in the midst of a spiritual battle, and how to best defend your marriage during battle.


Episode 008: Reasons Why People Quit Church

Special Guest: Dr. Dharius Daniels, Pastor of Change Church.  Join in as we discuss why so many people are quitting church, and how we can identify and respond to those who are leaving the church.


Episode 007: The Church’s Role in Growth, Healing & Relationships

Special Guest: Eric Wooten, Pastor of Families & Counseling at One Community Church.  Join in as we discuss the church’s role in growth, healing and relationships.

Episode 006: Are You Ready for a Diverse Church?

Special Guest: Bryan Loritts, Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship.  Join in as we discuss diversity in the future church.  We’ll discuss the theological & sociological foundations for a diverse church, the different between culture & ethnicity, and the obstacles that lie ahead.


Episode 005: Six Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Join with Pastor Conway as we discuss six questions every leader must ask himself or herself if they want to strengthen their leadership.


Episode 004: Self Leadership

Special Guest: Steve Stroope, Lead Pastor of Lake Pointe Church.  Join in as we discuss how self leadership can have a greater impact than any other form of leadership.


Episode 003: Recruiting and Maintaining Great Volunteers

 Join Pastor Conway as we discuss principles for recruiting and maintaining great volunteers.


Episode 002: Leadership in the Future Church

Special Guest: Keith Battle, Lead Pastor of Zion Church. Join in as we discuss the challenges and opportunities related to leading in the church of the future.

Episode 001: Building a Diverse Church

Special Guest: Albert Tate, Lead Pastor of Fellowship Monrovia. Join in as we discuss practical ways to build a diverse church.

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