We pray that you enjoy service and connect with us at one of the following events.



To reach the Care Network, please call 469.854.9962.

Please be in prayer for the following individuals and their families.


Clara Williams

Pauline Sinkfield

Julie Muthui

Melissa Holle

Jamie lee

Keri Sims

Soraya Johnson

Mary Price

Nakia Crenshaw

Laysha Johnson

Helen New

Aaron Jackson

Alysia Collins

Faye Miller

Brandon & Tara Harston

Sharon Slaughter

La Tara Harrell

Carey Smith

Jonah Hughes

Dorman Smith

Jamie Lee

Andrea Daniels

Denita Lawton

Rapheal Macfee

Barry Madison

Renee Doherty

Angela Carter

Shirley Hill

Cortney Durette

Cloteal Stewart

James Clark

Ulysses Humphries

Adam Loftis

Jekamiah Bey

Gwen Hughes


Naomi Kelly Family

Sherry Rice Family

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