Growth Track Fast Track – Coming in October 2021

It is our goal to walk with you as you seek to walk with God and grow personally and spiritually. We will have another unique opportunity in October 2021 to attend one or all of our Growth Track classes during our Growth Track Fast Track weekend.


Week One

Explore the answers associated with salvation: Why do we need to be saved? What has God provided for our salvation? What must one do to be saved? Discover why we must be in a community and how to be connected to a Life Group. Learn about the ministry of One and find out how to connect with our church.


Week Two

There is healing power in God’s timeless Word and fellowship with others. We all deal with brokenness in our lives that can lead to challenging and destructive behaviors. During this week, we will discuss the growth and newness of life through the healing offered by God and how someone can take their next step in this direction. Come as you are and find out that you are not alone. We are ready to walk with you.


Week Three

Discover your design and develop your personal leadership. Dive into the details of your personality and gifts. Learn how your past plays a part in what God has called you to do.


Week Four

Learn more about our Dream Team, an incredible group of people who have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them.