AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15). Churches around the world use this program to effectively teach children the Bible and about Christ. Children are separated into three ages groups: Cubbies (ages 3 – 5), Sparks (grades K – 2), and T&T (grades 3 – 6). In these groups they receive age appropriate teaching.

Club Meetings

Activities for each AWANA club meeting are broken into three distinct phases: Game Time, Handbook Time, and a Large Group Lesson.

Game time involves individual and team competition. Every child gets involved each night and has a chance to release his or her energy.

Handbook time consists of children working with an experienced leader to complete assignments in the curriculum materials. Awana emphasizes memorization and understanding of key Bible verses which show how to love and trust God. Children also receive awards for their uniforms in recognition of their achievements as well as AWANA bucks for completing sections of the handbook.

A Large Group Bible Lesson is given at an age appropriate level for the children. The lesson is applicable to things they experience in their daily lives.

AWANA officially resumes in August 28, 2019 and meets Wednesday evenings from 7:00p – 8:30p

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