Every day for the next 14 days, let’s join together in prayer – united – with one focus – one prayer – with the ultimate goal that our loving God will show us how we can best take our next steps so that someone else can take theirs – make your missional move.

May 7 (Day 1) – Matthew 6:9-11
Pray today that God’s will becomes the focus of every member of One Community Church. Prayer is a means of accomplishing the will of God.

May 8 (Day 2) – Matthew 6:25, 33
Pray that we can be free from the worries of this life so that we may be focused on accomplishing God’s will on behalf of His Kingdom.

May 9 (Day 3) – I John 2:17
Pray for a conscious awareness of what is passing away and what is eternal.

May 10 (Day 4) – 2 Timothy 4:7-8
Pray today for the strength of heart and character to continue the journey God has called our church to take.

May 11 (Day 5) – Colossians 1:9-11
Pray for one another to have the strength to accomplish His will.

May 12 (Day 6) – Philippians 3:13-14
Pray that we each will keep our eyes on the prize of Christ, the key to accomplishing what God has called us to do. A recurring theme of Paul is “spiritual stick-to-it-ness.”

May 13 (Day 7) – Luke 9:62
Pray for clear, committed, forward thinking. Once we know the will of God, we cannot follow through if we are second-guessing ourselves. A straight row cannot be plowed looking backward.

May 14 (Day 8) – Philippians 4:15-16
Pray that we will have the same spirit of generosity to allow God to accomplish His will through us. The Philippians supported Paul’s ministry with multiple offerings.

May 15 (Day 9) – Philippians 4:19
Pray for a heart of faith to believe God and His promises to us. God rewards His people in their generosity.

May 16 (Day 10) – 2 Corinthians 8:6-7
Pray thankfully today for God giving you this opportunity to give to His church’s work. Giving is a gift of God. Giving is a blessing God has provided us.

May 17 (Day 11) – I Timothy 6:17-19
Pray for our readiness to give and our willingness to share. We are a blessed and rich people.

May 18 (Day 12) – Acts 2:44-45
Pray that we will be like the first believers. They were found meeting together and giving their first responses to their new faith.

May 19 (Day 13) – 2 Chronicles 16:9
Pray for a dedicated, focused heart. God looks for people who will have loyal, undivided hearts for Him and His work on earth.

May 20 (Day 14) – Jeremiah 33:3
Today we bring our First Fruits and make our commitments to the Make Your Missional Move Capital Campaign. Our goal is get off to a great start and raise $1,000,000 this weekend. Today your single, and our collective impact will create life-changing environments, not only for you and your children but for your children’s children. Praise God for the impact your commitment will have on this generation and generations to come.