What is Advent?

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Join us every day in December as we read, pray, and share the Good News to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

December 2

Weekly Scriptures

Sunday: Isaiah 40:1-5

Monday: Isaiah 52:7-10

Tuesday: Isaiah 40:9-11

Wednesday: Genesis 3:8-15

Thursday: Genesis 15:1-6

Friday: Deuteronomy 18:15-19

Saturday: Psalms 89:1-4


Dear Lord, Help us to hold steadfast to prayer. Help us to rely on the Word of God in all despair. Increase our hope in you as our doubts and fears decrease. Help us, Lord, to be a light of hope to all those in need, in our families, communities, and around the world. Help us to be an example of your love and mercy and give us a boldness to share our story with others. Amen.


Day 2: One day, God sends the angel Gabriel to Mary. He has some very special news! | Help a child buy their favorite book to donate to a children’s hospital. (Stay for reading time if you can!)

Day 3: Mary is greatly troubled when she hears the angel’s greeting. | Pay for the person’s order behind you. (Being sneaky while doing good is fun!)

Day 4: Gabriel responds to Mary: “Don’t be afraid; God is very happy with you!” | Send cards to service men and women who are serving overseas. (Long-distance Christmas cheer!)

Day 5: Gabriel tells Mary the special news: She will have a baby boy, and He will be named Jesus. | Donate new toys to a local charity that provides for families in need. (Visit www.toysfortots.org for some great info!)

Day 6: Gabriel shares more details of God’s plan with Mary: “Jesus will be great and will be called God’s very own son!” | Help someone do a chore or other job. (And sing Christmas carols while you work!)

Day 7: Mary doesn’t understand how she can have a baby without being married, but the angel Gabriel assures her of a great truth: Nothing is impossible with God. | Donate non-perishable food or toiletry items to your local food bank or volunteer to sort donated items. (Spread that Christmas cheer!)

Day 8: “I serve God with my life and want all that you have said to happen,” Mary tells the angel, and he leaves. | Give Christmas candy attached to a gift card for lunch to your mail carrier or neighbor. (They give to you every day!)

December 9

Weekly Scriptures

Sunday: Isaiah 11:1-10

Monday: Zechariah 6:12-13

Tuesday: Micah 5:2-4

Wednesday: Malachi 3:1-6

Thursday: John 1:1-8

Friday: John 1:9-18

Saturday: Mark 1:1-3


Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you today for every good gift you’ve given, every blessing you’ve sent, all the forgiveness I did not deserve, and for every trial you’ve allowed into my life. I know that when I pray and give thanks instead of worrying, you have promised that I can experience the kind of peace that passes all understanding. Will you speak peace and calm my storms, or hold my hand while we walk through them together? Thank you, Lord. I’m trusting you. Amen


Day 9: Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth and is so overwhelmed with God’s goodness that she sings a song of praise. | Send some Christmas love to a child in another part of the world. (Compassion.com and BloodWater.org are great places to start!)

Day 10: Caesar Augustus wants to know how many people are in his empire, so he tells al the people to go to their hometown to be registered and counted. | Donate books you no longer need to a local school. (You’ll be giving the stories a second life!)

Day 11: Joseph takes Mary, who is pregnant, to his hometown of Bethlehem to be counted. | Donate pet supplies to an animal shelter. (Animals need compassion too!)

Day 12: While Joseph and Mary are in Bethlehem, the time comes for the baby to be born. | Donate coats you’ve outgrown or blankets you don’t need. (Warmth is a wonderful gift!)

Day 13: Mary gives birth to Jesus, wraps Him in swaddling cloths and lays Him in a manger because there is no room for them anywhere. | Make room for your neighbors by choosing a night to invite just one family over for coffee or dessert. (Be sweet and give sweets!)

Day 14: At night in a nearby field, shepherds are watching their flocks. | Give a gift to the residents at your local nursing home. (Hugs are a bonus!)

Day 15: The sky lights up — God has sent an angel to the shepherds to tell them the good news. | Donate a pair of new Christmas pajamas to a foster kid. (Choose the coziest, snuggliest ones.)

December 16

Weekly Scriptures

Sunday: Luke 1:5-13

Monday: Luke 1:14-17

Tuesday: Luke 1:18-25

Wednesday: Luke 1:39-45

Thursday: Luke 1:46-56

Friday: Luke 1:57-66

Saturday: Luke 1:67-80


Heavenly Father, Thank you for your joy! Your joy is our strength and you have promised that your grace will keep us despite any circumstances. Fix our hearts on you and instill in our hearts a joyful disposition so that we may bring comfort and cheer to those around us and be salt and light to those that are facing troubles or difficulties. Amen


Day 16: When the shepherds see the angel, they’re afraid! | Drop some money in the Salvation Army bucket. (Make the bell ring!)

Day 17: The angel tries to calm the shepherds: “Don’t be afraid — I bring wonderful news that will bring joy to all of the world!” | Make a Christmas card for someone who needs a little cheer. (Add glitter for more cheer!)

Day 18: “A Savior — the Rescuer you have been waiting for is born today!” the angel proclaims to the shepherds. | Take a coffee or a favorite soda to teachers at your local school. (Christmas caffeine!)

Day 19: The angel explains that the shepherds will find the baby wrapped in swaddling cloths lying in a manger. | Leave some Christmas candy with a thank you note for the garbage crew. (Or anyone else who cleans up after you.)

Day 20: More angels come to celebrate the good news — they arrive at the shepherd’s field and begin praising God! | Volunteer at a local food kitchen. (Don’t forget to smile and say, “Merry Christmas!”)

Day 21: The shepherds leave their flocks and hurry to find Mary, Joseph, and the baby, who is lying in a manger. | Deliver Christmas flowers to the elderly in your neighborhood. (Help them deck their halls!)

Day 22: After they see the baby, the shepherds excitedly go and tell everyone they run into the good news! | Tell a joke to make someone smile. (Or tell several to spread even more joy!)

December 23

Weekly Scriptures

Sunday: Isaiah 7:10-14

Monday: Luke 1:26-35

Tuesday: Luke 1:26-2:21


Father God, I come into your presence so aware of my human frailty and yet overwhelmed by your love for me. I thank you that there is no circumstance that I might walk through where your love cannot reach me. If I climb the highest mountain you are there and if I find myself in the darkest valley of my life, you are there. Teach me today to love you more and to find peace as I rest in your love. In Jesus name. Amen.


Day 23: The shepherds return to their flocks, praising God for all they had seen and heard. | As you are running last minute errands, take a few minutes to speak kind words to the folks at the store counters. (Everyone loves a compliment!)

Day 24: Mary names the baby Jesus just as the angel told her to do. | Take Christmas cookies to your local fire station. (Add a high five!)

Day 25: God has sent His son to rescue us because He loves us so very much! | Grab some hot chocolate and read the entire calendar Christmas story together. (Talk about what God did to show compassion for the world. Hint: JESUS!)

Bring the family together for Christmas.

Before the presents are unwrapped, take a moment to give thanks to God at one of our Christmas Eve services.